Feedback is important! And that is why we are so pleased for the positive feedback and results we have heard and seen in our clients. Coach Cee has been coaching and training for over 15 years, successfully transitioning young athletes to D1 programs, as well as professional basketball and football teams. His passion is pushing athletes to peak performance through dynamic and functional training, and building up other coaches and trainers around him in the process.  



“Coach Cee is very knowledgeable in his craft. He is very detail oriented with his training, and because of this, My son is showing tremendous improvement in his speed and agility. Beyond this, Coach Cee has a huge heart and is a pleasure to work with.” 

~ Brigitte Bester



“Coach Cee brings the ENERGY and DRIVE that makes you just want to work hard! He has been pushing my ass vigorously for 15 years now and his commitment to your success is unmatched. His ability to customize workouts to fit ANY need has made my life way easier. Can’t thank him enough for being a GREAT friend/coach/role model!

~ Adam Vanlaar



“I trained with coach Cee during my achilles tear rehabilitation process and off-season training. His knowledge of the body and how to focus on not only the big muscles but all the little ones that prevent injury, increase strength and flexibility, and most importantly to me, explosiveness. I returned to my team without the doctor being able to tell which achilles I torn because Cee helped me come back bigger, stronger, and alot more explosive. I owe him my career!” 

~ Darryl Stonum
WR- KC Chiefs/ University of Michigan Bester



“…Chuma’s training prepares the athlete by focusing on agility, speed, balance, core strength, and mechanics.  All of this combined to allow my son to develop into a dominating defensive lineman.  As my son grew, Chuma adapted training to keep him nimble on his feet and menace as an offensive pulling guard.  Most importantly, my son was prepared to play both sides of the ballWhen you consider a trainer, Chuma is the ADVANTAGE.  By providing individualized workouts, even during the pandemic, Chuma is the reason for my son’s success.”

~ David and Jennifer Segura